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Parking Pass Woes and a Happy Ending

April 7th, 2007 at 08:26 am

Oh yeah and a $20 stupid tax for me to pay.

On Wed on the way to work I stopped and bought a coffee. After getting the coffee I tossed out an old cup. I'm 99% sure when I tossed out that cup I tossed out my parking pass. Duh.

Went into the management office on Thursday night. Old them what happened. They said I'd likely be out of luck for about a week because only Georgie (the building manager) can get a new card and it will involve "Fred" (not sure who the mysterious Fred is). They told me to put in a written request this weekend and some time next week I'd have my card. I was pretty cheerful (told them I knew I had pulled a bonehead move) and thanked them.
I haven't got around to writing the note yet as they said Georgie wasn't in until Tuesday so I figured I would do it at some point this weekend.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago. I just got a call from the office. The building secretary just called me. She pulled some strings for me and my card is ready for me. Just have a $20 non refundable "stupid tax" to pay for it.

1 Responses to “Parking Pass Woes and a Happy Ending”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Not bad really. There are many moments in life when I would have gladly paid a "stupid tax" to fix a problem! Good job staying friendly and polite when they did'nt give you the answer you wanted to hear!

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