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We Will Rock You

April 12th, 2007 at 07:32 am

Went to see we will rock you tonight that the Canon theatre. This was part of full evening that included a buffet style dinner and cocktail hour at the Savoy Restaurant, We had row B ticket centre stage in the orchestra (about 10 rows back). The show was AMAZING. I liked the chemistry and the interactions. Tons of laughing and tons of good music!

After we went back over to the Savoy for an after show drink and more mingling. This was a work related event so had to behave but was great meeting some old coworkers and connecting with some people I'd talked to but never met!

If you can get to see this show it is so worth it

Oh as this is a frugal blog I should mention the entire night was free! Free everything including a CD as a souvenir!

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