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Dangerous Lotions and Potions

June 10th, 2007 at 01:02 am

Yes, I have to confess that we tried to smuggle Jergens Gradual Tanner and Lubriderm SPF 15 lotion to Toronto. However, A and I were caught by the salwart airport security. She was caught trying to smuggle on 150ml of Jergens self tanner and I surrendered my Lubiderm 300ml lotion once I realised that nothing could slip by the steadfast and vigilant gaze of the three young vibrant blondes manning the security counter.

We were then prohibited from going further until we had placed our potions, creams and devilish lotions into 1litre plastic bags supplied by our trustworthy goverment. Never mind that the other airport we travelled from allowed us to bring them in larger size bags. Of course being the frugal souls we are instisted on packing our stuff into the little bags ourselves. We wanted to make sure, in our frugal way to ensure if stuff had to get left behind it wasn't the expensive stuff A told those behind us in line that we might be awhile and that they might want to try another line. We were worse than the little old lady in front of you in the check out line at the grocery store purse diving for 2 pennies.

They were kind to us in that they did not demand I be able to seal my bag when they let me through. I think they were afraid I'd just repack it until I got it to work holding up the line for hours. Anyone who has seen what I can put into a small purse realises that I do have the ability to make much fit into a very small space.

I got so confused that I almost forgot to put my bag on rollers so it could be scanned - they had to remind me.

And yes we had them all laughing and joking with us by the time we were through - hell our flight was delayed and we had time to kill and they were there until the end of their shift regardless!

2 Responses to “Dangerous Lotions and Potions”

  1. pjmama Says:

    hahaha. That's great. I'm sure that WAS the reason they let you through without sealing the bag, though I would have done the same! Oh these silly new rules...

  2. baselle Says:

    Yeah, my DH tried to smuggle out evil Tom's of Maine toothpaste. Same thing. Treating going to airport as visiting prison helps a lot. No metal, shoelaces, and dressing down. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they gave us orange prison jumpsuits before flying next year. Big Grin

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