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June 20th, 2007 at 01:11 pm

I am going to go to work today - I have a french test at noon I haven't studied for so the hours before then aren't for work but to study for my french test.

Then work. Ick. But as a friend suggested to me yesterday more than a day hiding from it isn't a good thing for me mentally. I hate it when friends are right but I'm not going to bite my nose to spite my face.

So back to work. I'm pretty sure nothing more will happen with respect to the letter I'm supposed to get until next week but who knows.

Today's fun events are capped off by a dental appointment at 5pm. Those services should be paid for by my dental plan. My dental plan (my employer is my insurer, one of the "perqs" of working in insurance) isn't one of the most generous however so who knows.

Then home and hopefully I'll have some energy to do a few chores that have been put off way too long.

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