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Today could have been canceled due to lack of interest

June 21st, 2007 at 05:07 am

Started the day at work for 2 hours studying for my french test. Did the french test (i take french at work for work so studying at work seems reasonable to me, and my boss didn't protest).

Then a dental appointment for a cleaning. A tooth is chipped so I'm back next week for an unchipping.. err.. filling

Home and realise the chicken I was going to make was bad despite being three days before the best before date. Realised that this was the third time this happened. So it might be something to do with the fridge. So i defrosted the fridge/freezer compartment, to see if that might help and frankly I want to ask for a new fridge but it was so bad I figured I better do that first. $16 of chicken thighs tossed in the garbage.

Did laundry

Got all the ice out of the freezer area finally. Dumped much of it on the balcony to melt there.

Mopped floor in kitchen (defrosting the fridge's freezer makes a mess)

Got laundry.

Realised some a$$ stole my big purple bathsheet from out of the dryer. Damn I'm annoyed - that was the only bathsheet that was large enough to cover all of my fat A$$.

Made bed. Am in bed.

Tomorrow has to be better right?

1 Responses to “Today could have been canceled due to lack of interest”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    someone stole your bathsheet?!?!? man i would be pissed off!
    do you have a communal dryer area?

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