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Weekend Recap

June 25th, 2007 at 04:32 pm

My date Saturday night went well. We went to my favourite neighbourhood restaurant and enjoyed a meal out on the patio I had a delicious and non creamy portabello soup followed by shrimp and bacon crepes that were also not too creamy. My date had steak. We sat, relaxed, ate, and caught up.

After we headed out to a nightclub. The floor show at midnight was "quite" something. Think latex covered "nun" with a strapless dress and two naughty school girls. Any vulgarity, of which there was quite some, was overshadowed by the incredibly bad acting. Ignoring the adult plot a third grader could do better. We walked out on it after a few minutes and found a quieter corner to chat and people watch.

Sunday I had a quiet no spend day at home. Found the floor of my spare bedroom, decluttered some drawers and got rid of quite a bit of crap. Felt good. Rest of the day was lazy which was really nice!

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