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June 28th, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Life remains pretty busy.

Got the cheque from the insurance company for my appointment last week. Had another dental visit this week but only about 50% will be reimbursed after the $50 deductible and the 80% coinsurance.

I have bought my lunches out. That has to change next week but have been pretty good iwth my dinner. Had a lovely one out last night but it was paid for by my date. I don't mind paying my way but I also enjoy being courted and treated to a meal.

There are a number of big ticket items I want but with the continiuing stresses at the office I'm conserving cash. While some are "sort of needs" most come under the heading of wants. Yes I sort of need a new couch (mine was torn up by the cats) but there no need to make the purchase right now etc...

Its a good lesson for me to start separating needs and wants again and learning to make do with what I have or adapt it. I might look into craigs list or freecycle a bit but other than that I need to stop coveting.

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