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July 24th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Other than a conference call that lasted 66 minutes yesterday it was a good day. I didn't plan well for the conference call. Normally I have a paper or newspaper flyers to pass the time (all other people in the call were in different cities) but this time I had nothing to distract me while a couple of call participants aired their umm "slight" difference of opinion.

The date was nice. We went to a local pub. Tried strongbow cider for the first time. Quite a nice light drink.

I realised that I'm now no longer paying a couple of payroll taxes. So on the agenda this week is deciding what do with that money. I think it is going to go into the emergency fund but I'm not 100% decided - it might go towards retirement instead.

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  1. fern Says:

    when i'm on our boring weekly conference call, i just put it on hold if i need to step away. no one knows the difference.

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