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A nice evening .. almost priceless.. well not quite...

July 28th, 2007 at 03:29 am

Dinner with friends tonight was nice. I didn't drink much as I had the car - kept to a half of Strongbow (I just realised lately that Strongbow is cider .. no one said I'm quick), diet coke to chase it with and a lovely beef pie with a side of garlicy veggies.

.. All while enjoying a non humid not too hot evening on a patio in the Bloor West Village area of the city with a group of friends, mostly ones I've known a while but a couple new faces too me. Bloor West Village is a very nice upper class, historically European area with a small town feel. The bar we were at used to be a post office and has that boxy feel to it!

A fun night with friends enjoying a summer night - priceless. Well okay not priceless but a great use of $20

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