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You've got a beef?

August 8th, 2007 at 02:32 am

Went to the no frills grocery store (Price Chopper). A step up from Aldi but not much up.. has a small deli.

Had some rolls a friend gave me for free so I thought I'd get some luncheon meat to make sandwiches. The roast beef was a good price so I asked her for some. They only had a few hundred grams left so I got that and got about 300 grams of corned beef too.

Got home. Realised that the difference between a good grocery store and a no frills one is that you get a package of roast beef and package of corned beef when you order those at the deli. What she said was roast beef was actually corned beef.. *sigh*. I wanted roast beef.

At least it was the same price! Thank goodness I like corned beef! Made about 7 (not 87 omg I can't type) sandwiches. A couple are in the fridge for tomorrow and the rest are in the freezer.

I guess in the know frills stores knowing the difference between the different types of beef is just asking too much...

4 Responses to “You've got a beef?”

  1. pearlieq Says:

    Yikes! 87 corned beef sandwiches! Thank goodness you like them indeed!

  2. Amber Says:

    87? you have definately gotten your monies worth

  3. yummy64 Says:

    I so can't type Where is the loser icon) Meant to say 7 or 8

    87.. YIKES

  4. Amber Says:


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