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Back from a Mini Holiday

August 29th, 2007 at 04:46 am

I'm back from a mini holiday.

A friend was at a conference in Quebec City and with how his meetings went he was able to make some time for sightseeing - so I tagged along...

We stayed at this hotel outside Quebec City - says it is 4 stars but I'd say more like 3.5 stars... our room was a bit surreal - a bit of Star Wars meets the cottage (paneled walls with this space aged drop ceiling and the best soaker oval bath tub I've seen in a while).

Anyways while not doing the museum thing (a shame as we both love them) we did get to spend quite a bit of time in Quebec City. The city is gorgeous. Well preserved and touristy yes, but still alive - people still live in the city and you can feel the energy. We were blessed in that we had a local person to take us around - a good tour guide always makes things more fun!

The biggest surprise was that the stereotype of the french as snotty and unapproachable if you are engish was totally false. The people were AMAZING. Not snotty at all and I think they all could speak English or were willing to try!

I now so want to go back there to explore more!

1 Responses to “Back from a Mini Holiday”

  1. fern Says:

    I've always wanted to visit QC.
    You actually met French Canadians, which i think is different than French people living in France.

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