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The bank saga continued

February 25th, 2008 at 06:00 am

Last week I went to the bank because of a user error. This user couldn't find her card. Wasn't really worried about it having been stolen. More good old fashioned user error like misplaced.

Checked. No one had used my card. Issued a new card for me. All the paperwork gods seemed happy and appeased. They gave me $100 that they, yes, did debit from my account (hey this is a bank).

Cut to Friday. Drive up to instant bank machine. Find out my pin doesn't work. I've used the pin for along time so its not like I forgot it all of a sudden. Park, walk in bank. Go to teller they check. No uses. They reprogrammed the card for me. I weent and got my new pin. Go to take money out of chequing.

ERROR - account not hooked up? WTF .. what's the point of a debit/bank card (here we don't use visa for our debit card but rather our bank cards though a system called Interac)if its not hooked up to your bank account.

Back to tellers. Get more programming done. All fixed. They try to convince me to open a new account. I get card and say in March (neglected to mention which March .. oh dear. oh dear).

Go back to machine. It allows me to have money. Suddenly I feel like a functioning adult again.

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  1. rduell Says:

    Don't you just love banks?! Ha ha...

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