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Pancake Syrup Saga Pt 1

February 28th, 2008 at 02:59 am

Part 1:

Well my house is a disaster and I only have myself to blame.

Last night I was getting a new bag of milk (its a weird canadian thing milk in bags

Text is and Link is

Realised that the outer milk bag was stuck to the fridge shelf. Then discovered a bottle of pancake syrup had tipped over and was leaking even though it was closed. Took out shelf to whip off the syrup and
managed to knock a salt shaker off the cluttered counter and break it. Washed the tray, put it back. Did not look under crisper to see if some leaked there (will tonight). Put syrup in fridge door, but did not wipe it down, so tonight I have to deal with that before more syrup spreads.

Of course I was in socks. Carefully went the long way and got broom to
broom up glass. Got most of it off the floor but floor is now sticky
anad icky and has to be mopped if just to get the last bits of glass.
The counter is full of dishes and the odds are I got syrup on the clean dishes in the drainer when I washed the fridge shelf.

My laundry basket is being used for bathroom stuff while I am painting
my bathroom. So clothes artisticly cover the bedroom floor. Yuck.

There is stuff on the couch in the living room. Has enough room to sit so I keep glowering at said stuff and doing nothing about it.

The bathroom has been emptied for painting - so far have only done the
ceiling. Haven't had the energy after work to deal with putting the first coat on the walls - it will take two coats as i'm going with cream over dark green. Have to use oil paint as my ex decided to paint
it with tremclad (why i have no idea).

1 Responses to “Pancake Syrup Saga Pt 1”

  1. baselle Says:

    not weird, very cool. Has to be easier to recycle bags rather than cartons.

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