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Are you "Dear Beneficiary"?

March 3rd, 2008 at 06:32 pm

Last I checked my name wasn't
Dear Beneficiary... I can only guess I got this by mistake.

If you feel special feel free to respond -no need to mention my name!

Dear Beneficiary,

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family? I hope this
mail meets you in a perfect condition. This is the United Nations Organization (COMPENSATION DEPARTMENT), this program is organized by the Board of Trustees and Directors for the end of the Year “POVERTY REDUCTION AND ERADICATION”. We are using our reputable and well known organization to let you know that you are one of our chosen beneficiaries for this program of “POVERTY REDUCTION AND ERADICATION” in your country’s e-mail directory.

We hereby inform you that you have successfully being chosen and
Compensated for an International Bank Draft written out in your name in
the amount of $500,000.00usd (Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in our United Kingdom regional Annex. Now, for the compensated price, you will have to contact the Finance House and the Compensation Department for your perusals and claims of your compensated price.

My dear beneficiary, below is the contact of the Finance House and
Compensation Department (FHCD) for the collection and claims of your
International certificated bank draft:

CONTACT Officer: Barrister Mohammed Alsaud.
EMAIL: ( )
CELL PHONE: + 447024020660

Below is our Chief Organizer’s contact information in the United Kingdom
should you have any questions and verifications to make for proper
enlightenment and explanation. If you want to verify or get any
confirmations from me but I want you to be rest assured that your bank
draft will be cashed at you nominated Bank.

NAME: Prof. Larry Keyl
ADDRESS: 26 CH-8001, Zurich, Switzerland

Finally, remember that we have forwarded instruction to the Finance House
and Compensation Department (FHCD) on your behalf to send the bank draft to you as soon as you contact them without delay. Please be informed that you should treat this as confidential as ever and in good faith from the Board and Management of the Organization.

Thanks. God Loves and Bless you and your family.
Hope to contact the F.H.C.D soon.

Yours Faithfully,

Prof. Larry Keyl

Hey if you really think this is real and not spam please turn off your comuputer immediately and remove it and your microwave from your home as they have been possessed by aiens.

2 Responses to “Are you "Dear Beneficiary"?”

  1. Debbi Says:

    I actually received the same scam email today, 3/3/08! I forwarded it to so the government could find the idiots trying this new scam and hopefully stop them. While it would be nice for the United Nations to just give me $500,000 for no particular reason, I don't really expect it to happen.

  2. LIBERTY Says:

    Hi! I have received the same message today, but with different names of organizer and contact person. How wonderful if it's really true! But I do believe it's really a scam. And I'm going to forward also the message to

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