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Some Cashiers are funny

April 26th, 2008 at 12:17 pm

The cashier I had at Dominion last night was funny. I think she was Polish or some such - she had an accent that made me think Europe. She was likely in her 60's.

She was very approving of my choice of strawberries and commented that the ones I found looked excellent. I lapped up the praise and felt virtuous for nearly destroying the strawberry display in the store in my quest for perfection (or more like as few over ripe berries as possible).

She pulls off a stick on coupon off of one of my purchases. Goes to read it and blurts out "what language is this"? It was a bilingual coupon that was a bit more french than english. I pointed it I had the right product and it was a "try me coupon" - pointed to the words. She was fine with that and put it though

Had one more coupon and she had no issues with that.

Then she looks and realises I have another of the item that had the sticky on it (I could only find one on any of that product in all the various varieties). So she asks "how come you don't have another of those coupons. Gees after the initial fuss I'm surprised she even thought of my having another coupon. I looked at her, did a mental WTF and said that's the only one I could find. She looked puzzled but was okay with that.

I'm still amused.

I got to say she was fast and efficient about it all and it came across as more surreal than annoying.

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