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not prescription anymore (TMI) and milk rant

November 29th, 2009 at 05:15 am

I'm grumpy irritable and not every comfortable.

Two courses of antibiotics back to back have lead to the necessity to buy something else at that drug store.

Once upon a time that something was prescription and I'd have paid $10 - now thanks to them delisting it I get to pay just under $20.

Ain't life grand.

Oh and friday I bought some "premium" milk at the grocery store. Open it friday night and put it in my tea and the tea tastes weird.. no separating or floaties or anything but .. oooooo-weeeeeeeee does the milk smell sour.

Second time in a month same brand name milk from same store goes bad quickly or immediately.

6 Responses to “not prescription anymore (TMI) and milk rant”

  1. lizajane Says:

    I try to avoid antibiotics for that very reason!

    I think I'd be taking that milk right back to the store with the receipt in hand. One time, I might let it go. Twice, no way! It sounds like someone is not storing it properly. If it's the store, they need to know about it. If it's their supplier, they still need to know about it.

  2. Analise Says:

    I agree w/ lizajane... take the milk back ASAP.

    While taking antibiotics, eat yogurt w/ probiotics... it can help avoid the problem.

  3. campfrugal Says:

    I'm with you in that experience right now. Was on an antibiotic for the infection in the area of where my skin cancer was, now I have the other. Eee gads.

  4. Emily Says:

    I had the same thing happen to me with milk. I emailed the supplier and they sent me some coupons for some free milk and a small thermometer to keep in my fridge. I also don't buy milk from that particular grocery store any more. Good luck!

  5. yummy64 Says:


    1. Looked online and found a save $6 coupon - woo hoo!

    2. Wrote to milk company expressing my unhappiness

    3. Played with the temperature in the fridge and made it colder.

    To do: Return milk

  6. Jerry Says:

    We are living overseas, and I just got some organic milk for a recipe the other week, and it was totally soured. The thing that stinks (besides the milk) is that here in SE Europe, they have no concept of returning a purchased item for any reason. It's basically a "you bought it, it's yours" mentality that leads to some major frustration! When we return to the States I will be so grateful for some sort of insurance that stores will stand behind their merchandise! If you can take it back, definitely do so... and great job writing to the milk company. They should take good care of you!

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