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Contacting Pays Off

August 18th, 2006 at 10:09 pm

I had bought some lipstick a while back only to find in it a coupon that expired in Feb 2005.. which makes the product a wee bit old. I contacted Revlon and they said they'd replace it and send me a gift certificate.

Two weeks after contacting them I have 2 - $1 coupons (aka the gift certificates) off any product they make NED, and a brand new lipstick!

A good mail day. That and a pile of walmart samples. I haven't checked out the samples yet.. Its 1am.. I think I'll wait until I've had a good sleep.

Buying stuff is hard

August 7th, 2006 at 05:17 pm

Companies keep saying how customer focussed they are. I really wish they'd shut up about it and start giving us better service.

After driving an hour with my XM radio and getting none of the services I had payed a year in advance for last night I was a wee bit annoyed.

Called customer service (full marks for having a 1-800 and giving me the numbers and not making me figure out what number goes with what letter). Got voice mail jail (deduct all marks for the 1-800 number). The voice recognition software didn't like me. Figures. Finally identified myself. FINALLY figured out how to get transfered to a human. Why can't companies get that we want to deal with people when we phone not with Silicone Sally (and frankly if they do make us deal with her shouldn't we get a choise of her or Silicone Scott?

Had the pleasure of reidentifying myself to said human. She was helpful, but did put me on hold with the obligatory music.

About 10 minutes on the phone, and within 15 minutes after the call I had my service working. I love it. Worked like a charm and I enjoyed it on my ride today (a six hour ride turned into 8 thanks to this being the middle of construction season)

I'm thinking I'm soon going to have to join a no spend challenge just to get a break from the trials of being a consumer.


August 3rd, 2006 at 01:20 pm

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day, and it did start out that way with a wonderful massage from a friend who is trained in massage.

Then it was on to a nice meal at Eat'n'Park where for the first time I was dissapointed with their salad bar. Come on folks - its lunch time, keep it stocked and tidy. The restaurant wasn't that busy. Spoke to the manager rather than wait til I was home to send an email. She apologized, spend time helping her staffer clean kit up and then came and apologized again.

Then home. No mail when I got home. But 1/2 hour later went to the box and found a "sorry you weren't home card". Tried phoning USPS - who have incredibly annoyin g voice mail jail btw. Ended up going to the post office. Of course the package was on the truck so they didn't have it to give to me. ARRG. Told them what happened and was given a number to call.

Now this is where it got surprising. Called the number and actually got handed over that the letter carrier who chose not to deliver it. She explained why, and I understood that - not happy but I understand. However I also explained that I expected delivery as I was home and how did we accomplish that. She gave me directions to where she was and I was able to pick up the parcel (and while I was doing that I managed to hold up a postal truck trying to back into the loading dock by parking in its way - a bit of devine and unplanned retribution on my part Smile)

Got the package. Woo Hoo. Talked some more to the letter carrier and said that when we are expecting something and home we'll let her know via a note in the mailbox - or we'll let her know to drop it off at one of the businesses below the BF's apt. Both of us were happy at this solution for the future.

Then found out that the order I placed for something bounced (if you tried to email me and it didn't go through please try again). I spoke to them. Got the order sorted out. Found out the problem. They called me back. Anyway, they should be shipping today.

What a day. Has turned out to be busy busy, and more stressful than expected.

Bagged Salad

June 28th, 2006 at 08:30 am

Bought some bagged salad last week (late last week)with an expiry date of June 30. Opened it last night. Its already going liquid. It has that special "rotting lettuce" smell. YUCK

Called the company today. I learnt something. When you buy salad always look for the bags with the least moisture and that aren't too poofy. Poofy bags are good for potato chips but bad for salad.

They will be sending me a coupon, which will be nice as I've had to throw out the salad I had from them.

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